C-MAP M-NA-Y203-MS Chesapeake Bay to Bahamas REVEAL Coastal Chart [M-NA-Y203-MS]

C-MAP M-NA-Y203-MS Chesapeake Bay to Bahamas REVEAL Coastal Chart [M-NA-Y203-MS]

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M-NA-Y203-MS Chesapeake Bay to Bahamas REVEAL™ Coastal Chart

Whether cruising or fishing, C-MAP REVEAL™ Coastal charts offer the very best of C-MAP. With Shaded Relief, including Reveal Seafloor, Aerial Photography, Satellite Overlay and Dynamic Raster Chart presentation added to the core C-MAP features found in DISCOVER™ – full-featured Vector Charts, with Custom Depth Shading, Tides & Currents and Easy Routing. It also includes the very best of C-MAP High Resolution Bathymetry, including integrated Genesis® data. Purchase includes a full 12 months of online updates.


Vegetation layer comes from thousands of  C-MAP Genesis & Biobase users personal sonar trips.

Bottom Composition

Bottom Composition layer comes from thousands of C-MAP Genesis and Biobase users personal sonartrips.

Raster Charts

Raster charts bring a traditional paper chart look and feel. *only available in C-MAP Reveal Coastal.

Shaded Relief

Shaded Relief will present the data with a 3D appearance, which is easier to interpret versus traditional contour lines.

Satellite Overlay

Satellite imagery provides real-world reference, enhances situational awareness for coastal navigation.


  • Shaded Relief – bring the world around you to life, with 3D rendered land and underwater elevation – including areas of Ultra-High Resolution Bathymetric imagery previously only available in MAX-N+ Reveal – a game-changer for anglers.
  • Aerial Photography – a collection of thousands of photos of marinas, harbors, inlets and other notable navigational features included to offer an additional level of detail.
  • Satellite Overlay – satellite imagery gives information about the surroundings when you find yourself in an unfamiliar place.
  • Dynamic Raster Charts – providing the traditional chart look and feel, coupled with easy access to all objects on the chart.
  • Full Featured Vector Charts – making navigation easy by giving you accurate, up-to-date vector chart detail derive from official Hydrographic Office information.
  • Custom Depth Shading – set a clear safety depth, maintain a paper-like view or create your own custom shading.
  • High-Resolution Bathymetry – HRB layer helps you identify shallow areas, drop-offs, ledges, holes or humps. Now includes compiled and quality-controlled Genesis detail as part of singular HRB layer.
  • Easy Routing – helps you automatically plot the shortest, safest route based on detailed chart data and your personalized vessel information.
  • Tides & Currents – shows projections of water level and direction of tides to help plan your day out, cruising, angling or sailing. 
  • Detailed Marina Port Plans – docking in an unfamiliar port is no problem when you have precise layouts of thousands of marinas, including slip spaces, restricted areas and other valuable navigation information.
  • Harbor & Approach Details – unprecedented level of detail. Approach any harbor and inlet with confidence. The perfect conclusion to a long voyage, sailing adventure or an exciting day of fishing.
  • Online Updates – keep your chart up to date, with 12 months’ free online updates.
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