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Why not? But seriously, it wasn't long ago when folks didn't think much about adding LED lighting to their boat for decoration. Beyond the basic navigational lights, that was about it. Nowadays however, boat LED lights are increasingly popular among boating enthusiasts. There are all kinds of applications for LED accent lights both interior and exterior. Boat lighting too is a safety feature both on board and on the waterways. Waterproof LED strips can be used in a wide variety of boat lighting applications. Want to light up your pontoon boat? Or, perhaps you have a deck boat or center console? Our flexible waterproof low profile LED strips can be easily added to most any marine application. Common lighting areas include under the gunwales, under-consoles, behind panels, in the cockpit, or on the deck. They're offered in both single color and multi-color LEDs with wireless controller technology too that allows you to control your boat LED lights with the push of a button - or, using your bluetooth enabled smartphone. So whether you have a pontoon boat, deck boat, center console, cruiser, cuddy cabin, bow rider, bass boat or fishing boat, the possibilities are endless with a Boogey Lights LED boat light kit.



Boogey Lights® offers both single color and multi-color (RGB) LED light kits for boats. Single color LED lights kits are ideal when you know what color you're looking for and want to keep the installation simple. A simple on/off switch is usually all that's required.Works well too for situations where you want your lights to operate off an existing switch or circuit. If however you're not quite sure what color you want or you like the idea of being able to adjust the color - or program them to display a certain sequence - then a Boogey Lights® multi-color LED light kit is the likely choice for your boat. Our multi-color LED light kits can be configured for both interior and exterior use. We offer a variety of controller options too ranging from a simple key fob on/off color change wireless remote with 7 color options or add the bluetooth smartphone controller which gives you up to 16 million color combination possibilities. Plus, you can program color sequences with our advance feature set.